By strawhouse

Seal Watching

When we came to Norfolk in February I left it too late to book seal watching  so this time I took no chances, booking it weeks ago.
We had our usual lovely walk on the heath this morning. It was sunny and the gorse was glorious. I love it here!!!
After breakfast and hanging around for an hour or so we headed to Cley to buy lunch at the deli and go for a walk. 
A short walk.
Really just a walk to the nearest bench to eat our pies and cake!
Archie was very interested in the pies and we realised we hadn't fed him this morning. Cley deli doesn't sell dog food and we don't love him enough to give him venison pie so we thought we'd better find a shop before heading off on the boat. We didn't want him jumping out of the boat in his desperation to find food!
We drove to Budgens in Holt and got dog food and posh rice puddings. Then it was back to Morston Quay to get tea and ice cream and wait for the boat.
Rather worryingly the woman was warning everyone in the queue that we were all going to get soaked so we should be prepared. 
Thankfully she was wrong!!
The boat trip was fantastic! We headed out of Morston along the estuary to the tip Blakeney Point to see the seals. Grey ones and Common ones. It was amazing to see them so close up and even one in the water which launched itself up onto the beach. Brilliant!
From there we sailed round to the old lifeboat station and went ashore. It was pretty windy and lots of people decided not to get off and head back to Morston. Fools! It was amazing!! We had half an hour there looking round the old lifeboat station which is a visitor centre. I loved it - like nowhere I've ever been.
The boat came to pick us up and we sailed back to Morston. The skipper of the boat was brilliant - funny and interesting. He gave Archie biscuits which  endeared him to me even more!
Miss L saw a giant yellow buoy in the water with the number 2 painted on it and had herself in fits of laughter all the way back. A giant number two floating in the sea!!!!!! Honestly, I don't know where she gets it from!!
Once we got back to the quay Miss E and I set off along the North Norfolk Coast Path the couple of miles to Blakeney. It was a gorgeous walk. Miss L and Mr K were waiting in the car when we got there.
Back to the campsite for dinner and an early night. Sleepy!

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