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By walkingMarj

Pink amongst the red

At this time of year we always have tulips in vases in our house. Sometimes they are in various stages of decay if I want to photograph them!

This year is different. We have no tulips inside but I'm delighted to say that the tulips in our centre border are doing well. They are sturdy and healthy.

This morning I ironed and then did house work, trying to make it fun. My lounge takes a lot of doing because I have so many pictures on the walls. 

It was a cold and windy day. After lunch I wrapped up and went for a short walk to the river and back. When it was sheltered and the sun came out, I was much too hot, but when the wind blew I wished I had taken a woolly hat with me!

Today I 'phoned an old friend. I had intended to travel to visit her soon after returning from Prague, but then the virus hit. She has been housebound for a few months and is now very ill due to heart problems. We chatted, but not for long. I could tell she was easily tired. This was possibly our last conversation. Years ago she was the psychiatrist who helped me when I was depressed. Later we became good friends. I'm so glad I 'phoned.

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