twinned with trumpton


Demob happy, so they were. And I can't blame them. Much as I've tried to entertain and amuse them, events and illness have largely limited our 2 weeks of Easter holiday activity. From a selfish point of view, it's been great to have some company whilst feeling rubbish, but I can only imagine the dread their mother has had at them being in a house with someone still showing symptoms. We managed a stroll to the supermarket and then home to pack / eat lunch before they were escorted up the road where they were presumably doused in bleach on arrival.

I went home to sleep.

A quiet afternoon stripping beds and hoovering, recycling and more sleep and rest. 

I got my sofa back too to watch a couple of things (Yesterday 5/10, Minding the Gap on Iplayer 8/10).

A better day; but still not right.

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