Murphy’s Law

By laurie54

In This Together: Help Me Clean

This is not a photo of Keith Urban(s) singing Higher Love  during the Global Citizen concert. Nope, because I know that would be a copyright issue and blipcentral would not be pleased. This is a photo of (L to R): a chair holding two camera bags, a poppy clock, a rogue laundry basket,  a table with indoor/outdoor thermometer (can you see it’s  65°/18° outside at 8:30?), a reindeer sent to me from a Blip friend, a lopsided lamp, a can of compressed air, screen cleaner and part of the antique secretary. Also, in the foreground: a partial foot, a laptop on which a lens cover sits, a mouse and a pencil. This scene was (obviously) not staged. If Keith Urban photobombed me, it was completely unavoidable.

Quarantine Diary

Day 1 : I’m going to take this time to improve my health.

Day 2: Due to personal reasons, I am eating a lasagna in my shower.

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