It Takes Two

By laurie54

Not A Cactus Flower

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Still not making much progress on the feel like crap meter so I wasn't even going to tempt fate by stepping outside - not even for a moment.  I saw this wee Verdin hanging around the water dish.  He looked to his left, then to his right, then towards me before finally daring to lean over for a sip.  I was grateful to Mom's caregiver for filling up the dishes and watering my two fledgling plants.  It's starting to get hot, hanging around 90°/32° so my outdoor water use will be going up as will my a/c bill.

Before I went to bed last night I took my temperature and had a slight fever. I called the doctor today and she hesitantly prescribed an antibiotic, finally admitting I had acute bacterial bronchitis.  I had to drag my butt out to take Mom to a doctor's appointment so picked it up on my way home. Slept the rest of the day.  The most I've been able to tolerate all week has been soup and tea.

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