It Takes Two

By laurie54

A Happening Cactus

Back Blip #2

Yowsa!  Check out all of the buds in this shot.  It's really hard to get good photos of the cactus flowers on this particular cactus because it's pretty large and against my back wall.  It's also one you don't want to get very close to.  Those hairlike needles are more painful than most and nearly impossible to get out of your skin.  I can't remember which camera I used for this one but I squeezed my lighter tripod in and without being able to see through the viewfinder, crossed my fingers when I hit the remote shutter release.

Still sick as crap.  Coughing and hacking with an anvil on my chest. If it wasn't for wanting to take photos of the flowers I wouldn't have gotten out of bed (this cactus will likely produce a hundred or more but I'll miss most of them).  I had someone pick up some Mucinex and that seems to be helping a little.  At least it's not a painful dry cough anymore.  It's now a painful crackling cough.  The nebulizer has helped.

to be continued....

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