It Takes Two

By laurie54


Back blip #1

It's that time of year.  The cactus flowers are a-bloomin' all over southern Arizona.  The first ones I noticed were the hedgehog cactus but I've been way too sick to roam around looking for good shots of them.  Some of the beavertail and "regular" prickly pears have begun blooming, too.  This is a grizzly bud in my backyard.  You might notice a couple of buds to the left .  They will probably be ready in 2 days.  The really fuzzy things at the bottom are the very beginnings of buds.

I'm really sick.  As of this date my doctor/nephrologist thinks (according to the symptoms I described on the phone) is a bronchial virus.  I got the results of another blood test and my GFR hasn't recovered much from the 24 it was three weeks ago.  That's why she's super hesitant to give me any antibiotics. They seem to have horrible effects on my kidneys.  I am to watch for any changes in phlegm and/or if I get a fever. Keep reading the back blips to find out what happened two days ago...

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