Red Campion

It's been a lovely day - back to blue skies and sunshine. Spent much of the day gardening. Pleased to discover the first sowing of runner beans have not only germinated, but with all the rain on Friday, they have their first true leaves.

I've done lots of sweeping up of leaves from corners, digging up of long yellow nettle roots and their tiny, stinging shoots. Cut a lot of dead leaves of the fatsia and other such tidying jobs.

Received video and photos of little Miss B, sitting up and reaching for toys without toppling over, and showing off four beautiful, purly teeth. Mr PP Jnr phoned and we had a lovely chat with him.

Enjoyed a delightful walk and noticed how everything had grown (again, since all that rain) - not least the nettles, which is good for butterflies. Now ready to sit down and tuck into our roast dinner - a little later in the day than usual. Think we're still running on Greenwich Mean Time!

Oh, almost forgot: Day 19 of the April Poetry Writing challenge. I give you a tongue-in-cheek topical haiku-ish verse. (It's not a proper haiku - it has no season word, and barely a hiatus - but it is 5-7-5 syllables!)

Hand sanitiser
has become an obsession.
What is wrong with soap?

by moi

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