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By Sallymair


I love the colour of these, they are a smallish variety and they come up reliably every year on the driest most neglected bed in the garden. They are so vibrant and strong.
Monday today, another week. I went out to Craigie Farm this morning to pick up an online order. I've never seen the place so empty. The order was brought out to my car all boxed up.
Back home I did some more recipe typing and printing then had my Cursillo reunion group via Zoom. So nice to see people's faces when talking.
I spent a little time sitting in the sun as far out of the wind as I could, but I would really like it to be a few degrees warmer for comfort.
Pickle committed the cardinal sin today and ate the tops off some of my sweet peas. (extra) Hopefully they'll just respond as if I had taken off their leading shoot to encourage them to be more branching. We'll see! I've moved them from the west facing kitchen window to the south facing sitting room and we're going to try to keep the door shut so she can't get into them for the next couple of weeks until they can go out into the garden.
We had our usual evening walk but it was rather chilly.

Keep well and safe everybody, I'm enjoying dipping into your journals. I do love this Blip community.

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