By strawhouse

Tea Thief

First day of term for Miss E today. Miss L doesn't start until tomorrow. 
I don't know how different it's going to feel actually - they pretty much home school themselves. At least that's what they tell me they're doing.
I ticked off another job on my list of fun lockdown things to do - sorting out the drawers of the dresser in the dining room. It took me almost all day but we now have a neat and tidy drawer full of lightbulbs and batteries and things of that ilk; a neat and tidy drawer full of pens, gluesticks, pencil sharpeners, scissors and things of that ilk; a newly completely empty drawer which I need to decide what to put in; and a neat and tidy drawer full of all the miscellaneous stuff which doesn't have anywhere else to live: birthday banners, jars full of leftover foreign money - Euros and Norwegian Krone which we wont be needing any time soon, sob, sewing kits, old phones (I know I should get rid of them but I just can't!, spare keys, balloons, shoelaces and things of that ilk.
The words things of that ilk have lost all meaning!!
Other than that Mr K and I walked to the post box to post a birthday card and I loaded and unloaded the dishwasher seven million times.
And ordered an exercise bike because unless I sew my mouth shut I'm going to have to be winched out of this house when this is all over unless I get a bit more exercise.
And to help me with my weight gain, it's that time of the week when we stay up late to sort the Tesco delivery. I cant believe how fast the weeks are going!

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