By strawhouse


An early start for me this morning. Last week, before heading to Norfolk after the car boot sale, I stacked all the boxes in the dining room so I could get up early this morning and do it all again.
It was the last thing I felt like bit we’re busy for the next few weekends so I thought I may as well get it over with.
It was a bit slower than last week but I did pretty well in the end. My purse is bulging with even more change and a pleasing amount of notes.
Mr K took the Little Misses to meet Mrs F, Miss A and Miss J in the park. They were all very pleased to see each other again.
I saw them there as I drove past but it was so boiling hot and I was knackered so I went home for a cup of tea on the cool house instead. And to look at all the treasures which arrived while we were away. Research.
Can you guess when my book’s set?!!!!

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