By strawhouse

Squirty Cream

We went over to Nana and Papa’s this afternoon for an Easter lunch. I took Easter eggs with us for an Easter egg hunt in my mum’s garden rather than our overgrown unpoopascooped jungle!
As soon as arrived the Little Misses insisted we hide the eggs immediately. And then, when they’d found them all, they insisted we hide them all again!
Lunch was delicious - goose (if you please!!) and gammon and lots of lovely veg. We sat out in the sun for pudding - Strawberries and squirty cream for the Little Misses. They haven’t been introduced to the delights of squirty cream before and were duly impressed, particularly Miss L!!
I made the mistake of telling Miss L about how funny it was when me and Mr D were teenagers and used to squirt the cream directly into our mouths from the can and how cross it made Papa how funny Papa too thought it was!!
Naturally they had to try it!!! Papa found it much more amusing thirty years on!!!!!!
We had another Easter egg hunt and this time the Little Misses hid eggs for all the “old people”
It was bloody hard - they’re good hiders!
Then they squirted cream into the eggs before eating them. Because I don’t think they’d eaten enough of the cream!!!
What a lovely afternoon!

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