By strawhouse

I’ve had a bluuuugghhh day today.
Feeling lethargic, lazy, fat, grumpy, unsettled, unfocused, aching, and generally bluuuggghhhh.
Miss L’s first day back at school. She got herself up and was logged in for registration at 8.45am
The first WhatsApp message arrived at 8.30am and they just kept coming.
All day long.
My phone was flashing like a Belisha Beacon!!
Such a lot of negativity and whinging and complaining.
Meanwhile my ten year old is upstairs getting on with it all apparently with no problems and most importantly of all without any input from me.
The level of negativity and whinging in general today got to me. It’s hard enough.
Mr Tesco’s did bring a load of food round so it wasn’t all bad.

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