I told you I didn’t know what day it was!  I may have the day wrong, but at least I got the theme right for AT, which is “Flora” - so I got 50% right! ;-) 

We got up early and went out for our morning walk just after 7.00 a.m. before everyone else was out and about and have to say that walking round by the lake near us was just beautiful.  We saw a heron and two swans flying overhead, and the smell of nettles and bluebells, the singing of the birds, the beauty of the trees and hearing the water running in the brook was wonderful;  we could actually forget about everything else as we enjoyed all that and just being with each other in God’s beautiful world.  As a friend of ours has just said in a message, “It’s lovely to see nature carrying on as usual,”  and it really is.

We saw several people out with their dogs, and a few others walking, who all kept their distance, but we were, however, upset that a cyclist and runner didn’t seem to know what 2 metres meant - I wonder if people are getting complacent or whether they just don’t care?  

Having tramped over the grass near the lake, when we got back home we had wet feet, wet trainers, wet socks and wet trousers, so as soon as we got in, we had to change - but it was worth it.

Of course, I took lots of photographs, and thinking it was Abstract Thursday, I made this collage using my Tangled FX app, and it was only when I received a message from Jo about "GNAT", that I realised it was Wednesday!   think I need to make myself a revolving calendar that shows the day and date - we don’t take any medication so don’t even have a Dosette box to let us know what day it is!  Ah well, hope you enjoy my "Abstract Thursday on Wednesday" and it doesn't confuse you too much!

It looks as if it will be another beautiful day today, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and although there was no wind earlier, it looks rather breezy out there now but I daresay Mr. HCB will be out in the garden before long.  I do think, having spent more time in the garden in this beautiful weather, we appreciate it more and it’s good to get involved in doing all the little jobs that have been waiting to be done for some time.  

When we were having our little tea party with our neighbours, which has become quite a regular thing now at 4 p.m. each day, we said that if we had to be in lockdown, it was better that it was now and not during November, December and January when the weather can be dreary and cold so enjoy the sunshine and make the most of every day.

"The sky was a high, pale blue,
     like faded linen hung in the sun…..
under the alders were bluebells,
     dark blue, blue flowers
          hanging their little heads
from the beauty of their blossoms."
Eloisa James

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