Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

Magpie #46

Well, it’s been another hot day in lockdown, and an exciting one as it was green bin day! 
So, an empty green bin......what shall we fill it with this week? Weeds, brambles, ivy or last weeks rubbish that was cleared. Brambles and ivy was the decision. It’s quite disheartening to look into the garden and see hardly any difference - but at least WE know how many bins of rubbish have been removed. We have an old greenhouse in the corner with some broken panes, growing ivy and a load of old containers in. Behind it were about 10 years worth of brambles and ivy, most of which are now gone, but I fear that some of the roots are still buried deep underground and are waiting for us to turn our backs before they spring into life again. Husband is half way along with the digging up of roots but now the bin is full again.....of course! 

Oh well.....he can have a bit of a rest for a few days until it dries up a bit and makes a little more room, although we did chop most of it up pretty small this week so there’s not much to gain I don’t think. 

I put some mealworms out for the robins, but within 5 minutes a magpie came down and scoffed the lot! 

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