Daffodil Giveaway

My early spring daffodils are in bloom. My daughter is stopping by later today to pick up a couple things, so I cut some of the daffodils for her to take home with her. As soon as I had them bagged up I thought of how much Mae likes to have her own flowers, so I went back out—in the cold & rain—to cut her a bouquet of her own. Typical grandma, right? I put the items & flowers in the back porch. Jennie calls us when she gets here, then hands the phone to Mae. Tom & I stand in the front door & talk to Mae on the phone while Jennie grabs the things from the porch. All very socially distanced. I’ve texted my step-daughter to make sure all’s well & had a lengthy phone visit with one of my old friends....old as in length of time we’ve known each other—not old as in age! LOL. No walk yet today because of the rain & cold, but I’ve plenty of spoons left to clean if I can work up the energy! :)). Have a great day!

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