There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

What Kind of Hummingbird Is THAT!?

For the past week or so, my husband has been asking, "When are you going to put the feeder out?" The feeder in question is a feeder for hummingbirds, those glorious jewel-like creatures who are ever-present in our summer yard.

Each year, around the 20-something of April, the first hummingbird shows up, looking for snacks after its long journey. If the feeder isn't already out and full, we feel badly about it. We want them to know that they are welcome and well loved here, and a gift of hospitality to the little birds is well appreciated by all visitors.

So on this day, after a pretty chilly night with temps below freezing, I got out one of our feeders and washed it and filled it. The mix inside is one part regular white sugar to four parts water. I warm the water in the microwave for just a minute or so before mixing, warm enough to help melt the sugar, but not enough to bring it to boiling. Then the mixture cools. Then we fill the feeder.

As you can see, I had very good help in washing, filling, and hanging the feeder. Tiny Tiger got wind of the big events, and he could hardly contain his excitement. In fact, he insisted on overseeing what he has been referring to as: Operation Hummingbird!!!

I think T. Tiger expected that a hummingbird might show up the instant we hung the feeder, like magic! But that didn't actually happen. So T. Tiger balanced himself on the feeder very carefully, and tried to imagine what it might be like to be a bird.

T. Tiger's friend Quetzal the green bird came along out to provide emotional support. (Yes, T. Tiger is my emotional support creature. And Quetzal is HIS; or rather, some combination of emotional support animal, life coach, and friend.)

Whatever he may best be called, Quetzal was providing valuable insights into what an actual bird might think, say, and do in such a situation. As you can see, T. Tiger was listening intently and trying to put all of those lessons into action!!!  :-)

The soundtrack song is this silly tune by the Trashmen. Because bird IS the word.  :-). The song is Surfin' Bird.

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