Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Had a late night ( more like early morning ) so I slept late.  Had breakfast, pottered around a bit and then it was 2pm.  Time for a Messenger Video Chat with  blip friends J4net, 60plus and Shygirl73 . We had a good catch up and lots of laughs as usual when we get together ( either online or in person )

Later on I did a little job in the cat enclosure that I have been meaning to do for ages,  When my brother was staying here last year he fixed up a plank of wood as a " shelf " for the cats to climb on and sit on.  But it hangs from ropes and sways about . Lily is quite light and she has been using now and again it even though it swung from side to side a bit.  Tino has been too wary of it as he's bigger and heavier.  So today I  fixed some hooks in the back of the shelf and used cable ties to anchor it to the wood of the cat enclosure;  Its nice and steady now so hopeful Tino will be able to use it.  Its in a prime bird watching spot.

Aty 8pm I joined the rest of The Close to clap and say Thank You to the NHS and other key workers who continue to do a wonderful job. 

I went online this evening  to add a few things to my Asda order ( due to be delivered tomorrow evening ).  If anyone in The Close has a delivery booked they go on our Whatsapp group and ask if anyone wants anything.  I had 3 requests... SR flour, dried yeast and shower cleaner.  Unfortunately the flour and yeast were out of stock.

The Abstract Thursday theme today is FLORA.  I took a photo of one of my lily plants.  I have a few of them in pots and the leaves started appearing this week - just leaves at the moment - no flowers.  I used Picasa to " zoomify " the image.  Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting.

Musical link ... Its not easy bein' GREEN - by Frank Sinatra

Steps today - 3,474

Lockdown Top 10 THANK YOU - by Keith Urban


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