Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Made a slow start to the day.  Did some household chores including a load of washing.  Watched a bit of TV.  Walked down to the village late afternoon to post a couple of letters.  I had ordered salmon as part of my Asda online shop but I got a message to say it was unavailable.  So while I was in the village I popped into Tesco for salmon.  They didn't have any either.  Never mind I think I have some in the freezer.  I go through a lot of salmon as I usually have it 3 times a week.  Just have to eat less of it until I can find some in the shops.

Made stir fried prawn rice for my tea.  I had just finished eating when the Asda order arrived - around 30 mins early.  Couple of substitutions which I was happy with.  Took me ages to unpack it and wash it then put it all away.

I had added some shower cleaner to my order which Laura across the road had asked for using our Close Whatsapp group. Ive never met her as she only recently moved in -- and then it was lockdown.  (She's the one who has newspaper over her window which I blipped a while back).Anyway when I took the shower cleaner over  to leave on her doorstop she appeared and we had a quick chat - at a distance of course.  Nice to meet her for the first time.  As we were talking her next door neighbour Jonny came past with his dog.  So I met him for the first time too.  He moved in just before Christmas.  Then Brid came out and joined us and gave us an update on Al.  He still self isolating in the loft.  He has done the test for coronavirus and is waiting for the result.  He's been in the attic for a while now - he must be going crazy. It was lovely to see those 3 neighbours as I don't have many opportunities to chat to anyone.

My blip is of the last of my tulips.  The others were thrown out a couple of days ago but this one was broken so I had it in a small vase on the kitchen windowsill and its lasted a bit longer than the others.  Thanks to BikerBear  for hosting Flower Friday.

 SAVE THE BEST TILL LAST    by Vanessa Williams

Steps today - 9.246

LOCKDOWN TOP 10 entry - SAFE PLACE- by Laney Rene


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