Usual weekly shopping trip to Morrisons this morning.  Then breakfast - I had bacon, beans and mushrooms ( as a change from cereal ).

Then I caught up on a bit of TV viewing whilst doing the ironing.  Then it was time to head off with Tino to the vets.

It was no problem getting him into the buggy  (unlike when Lily needs to go to the vets ).  However he did howl and cry the whole way there ( and back ).  So we saw the vet. I explained to her about Tino being off his food and being sick. She examined him and said she couldn't feel anything untoward.  She weighed him - he has lost 1kg since he was last at the vets in July for his booster jab. ( He's a big cat so that weight loss isn't really noticeable.) This weight loss made her worried. She gave him an anti-sickness injection and said if there was no improvement I had to take him back on Friday or Saturday so she could do some blood tests. I asked whether I could make it Monday as this is a more convenient day for me - but she said she wouldn't be happy to wait as long as Monday.  Then she said it would actually be best if I made an appointment for Friday or Saturday before I  went home. So of course I heeded her advice and Tino is booked in for Friday morning. Hopefully by then he will be feeling better.  He has had something to eat since he got home - and hasn't been sick - yet.

We always go to the vets via the park and this is where I got my blip shot.  The Wide Wednesday challenge theme today is " Low Angle".  I would have preferred the park to be empty so that I could crouch down low to get some photos without being noticed - but it was very busy.  Lots of dog walkers and also pedestrians taking a short cut.  My blip shot is of some of the tulips in a flower bed surrounding a big old tree in the park.  Thanks to BobsBlips  for hosting. 

Steps today - 10,253

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