My daily photo.

By kayakgirl

Extension tubes and weeds

I drove my mom to the clinic to have her blood levels checked.  She had not been on the blood thinner that long before we had the stay at home order and now it has been 6 weeks since it was tested and her doctor felt it was worth the risk of going out.  We both wore masks and she sat in the backseat of the car.  At the clinic/hospital we were met at the door asked questions, had our temperature checked then given a pass to enter.  There were markings on the floor to keep our distances and walk.  Good news is that he numbers were still exactly the same, perfect range.  We drove through the pharmacy to pick  up her prescription, then I had her back home just over an hour.

I went out on my walk with one extension tube on the 50 mm prime and played around with the depth of field using aperture changes.  I did NOT add any textures to the background, just a small amount of desaturation as the spring colors are so bright and it was a dark rainy day.

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