By Energia


There is a new trend (aka fad) called twirl. It uses Photoshop. This is a twirl of the flower in the extra. 

Also in the extra is <drum roll please> a finger puppet! Karen can't eat sugar and she's allergic to flowers, so I've had to get creative in getting her little surprises. For a while I got her finger puppets from a delightful Washington DC store called Chocolate Moose. 

Thank you for hosting Ingeborg. 

How you feel, down the road, about your current experience will be determined by the story you tell yourself about it. 

It is an amazing psychological technique. I read about it before two men decided to try to rob me in Mozambique. I won. 

I start the story by calling it an adventure. I could possibly tell it differently, in a way that is less awesome, but this way is true and leaves me feeling much better. Two men. One bigger than me. One with a knife. I won. I took their hat and their sandals. They got nothing from me. 

Imagine how you will tell this story in ten years - but remember - you're a badass, so make the story reflect that. 

I love blip because it gets me looking for the beauty and interest, and now the creative (for me anyway), every day. Like Jaybay, deciding what I'm going to write also influences how I perceive the day. I love blip because I have all these fabulous social interactions with you. 

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