Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Sleepy Bee

When I opened the potting shed door this morning I saw this bee in one of the seed trays. It was fine, just in an early morning torpor. It was very slow to move so I went and retrieved the Olympus so that I could get close up. What big eyes it has. Then it flew away.

I took all the seedlings out and put them in the sun. It's going to be a warm day and I want them to get hardened off. They're only flower seedlings but I don't want to lose them as it looks as if the garden will only have summer colour by my own efforts this year.

We already knew we were in for a very long haul but now we know officially. I appreciated the First Minister's statement yesterday. I also appreciate the uncertainty. Some things have not gone well and honesty about that is needed. If I hear the phrase 'ramp up' once more I might scream.

No companionable walk today. I was on a video coffee this morning with a former colleague while Cameraman took Flora out. I'll go in the early afternoon and enjoy my exercise in the sunshine.

And then it'll be the weekend. I hope yours will be enjoyable and healthy.

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