Shotgun Shells

After about 10 years + of constant use, these lights have decided to retire themselves.

I first bought them as a joke and they hung in my kitchen above the glass sliding doors, coming on each evening with a timer.

Then they got moved to the garage where they came on each morning to show Kent the way out to work, and then came on again in the evening to show him the way in.

He asked me yesterday why his lights weren’t on and so today I’ve checked and even changing the fuses in the plug, they declined to work. Good thing I bought another set a couple of years ago and have them in the attic with the Christmas lights. :-)

I’ve been making different beaded earrings and putting by. I gave Kent a couple of pair to give to the woman who comes clean their office building daily. I will get a couple of pair to our mail carrier too.

I want them to know I appreciate them doing what they do. There are a few others that I want to give some to for being Frontline Workers at this time. So guess what I’ll be doing again this afternoon/evening?!

I can’t believe it’s Friday again. Take care everyone, be safe, stay healthy and Happy Weekend!

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