Life Savors

By osuzanna


We have a lot of azaleas surrounding our house.  One that we transplanted a number of years ago when we put in our first deck has grown to be over 7 feet tall and every year when it blooms it is an incredible mass of white.  For whatever reason, this bush really thrives in this location.  

I ventured out for a blip with the Lensbaby Velvet 85 just before lunch and didn't stay long....because I was hungry.  I never made it out again...because I was lazy.

We had a long Zoom with four of our couple friends last night.  Two are still practicing physicians so they could fill us in on what things are like in their practices which are very quiet and they are working fewer hours. 

I spoke with the woman who took my position when I retired and she filled me in on the hospital.  She said they have enough PPE but starting next week all the N95 Respirator masks are going to be disinfected and recycled in order to conserve.  She said the ICU nurses have become very creative and are using long IV tubing and cords so that all the IV pumps are located outside the door to the room, reducing exposure to COVID-19  patients just for changing IV's and turning off alarms. As a former ICU nurse, I know that they can be very innovative and ingenious when necessary. 

Covid 19 as of 4/25/2020 - 
Montgomery County  3483 confirmed cases, 152 deaths 
Maryland  17,766 confirmed cases, 797 deaths
U.S.   889,999 cases,  50,439 deaths 

These numbers take my breath away.  

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