The second half of life..

By twigs

Day 32 - Kereru re-run

The start of my day set me up for a great day.  

As I threw open the back door to sit outside with my morning cuppa (also having decided that I wouldn't feed Kitty but would allow her to wander under my watchful gaze as I sat and enjoyed said cuppa) I was shocked to simultaneously see and hear yesterday's kereru take off from the bird bath where he'd clearly been enjoying his morning drink. I was annoyed I hadn't been more gentle with my door opening but hey-ho.....

Kitty did as expected and began sniffing around the deck area.....then onto the lawn....then almost before I knew it she disappeared.  To cut a significantly longer story short, she earned her freedom badge today.  At one point she managed to clamber up the 6-foot fence onto the shed lean-to roof which she slipped off, landing in the rear neighbours garden.  I was pretty sure she wouldn't be able to climb back as the 'rails' are on my side.  In a bit of a panic I went around to the neighbour and they had a look in the garden but no sign.  Repeat at next door neighbour's.  Still no sign.  Back home to begin a concerned but not quite frantic rattling of kitty biscuits and then about 15 minutes later her wee face appeared from the side of the garage.  Whew!

In the meantime, the kereru had returned.  Again - long story short - it has literally gorged itself aaaaaaaall day.  At one point, clearly in need of another drink, it was seen swooping down to the birdbath for another drink before heading back up into the trees.  When I left the garden at 5.50pm on twilight it was still up in the tree so I'm expecting he'll still be there again tomorrow.  I've made a mental note to be a bit more cautious with my garden entry tomorrow morning.  

And kitty came back indoors at the end of the day again when I rattled her biscuits :)  She's now fast asleep on the sofa after her super exciting and adventurous day of freedom.

I think we all need an early night tonight!

In COVID news, there were 9 new cases today and no further deaths.  This is a slight increase on the last few days and Dr Ashley Bloomfield did warn us today that, despite heading out of Level 4 and into Level 3 in a bit over 24 hours, we shouldn't let our guard down.  I think the old WWII saying "Lose lips sink ships" could be rewritten for us, but to what....?  Suggestions please.

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