By Missycat

Day 35 Caught in the act

I think that Mrs Squirrel believes that if she stays very very still, we won't notice her, but we had been watching her acrobatic display for some time as she tackled two of the bird feeders.  By the look of her when she hangs upside down I rather think that she has little ones back in the drey.
Another warm and sunny day meant that we could carry on with garden chores and I managed to fill our three hanging baskets with some of yesterday's delivery.  I also spent a goodly amount of time enjoying  the sun from my lounger as it may be the last time for a few days at least.  The rain, if it arrives, will be very welcome for the garden though and hopefully will settle the pollen which I'm so allergic to.

No other news of any great significance: other countries are beginning to relax their lockdowns but I don't think that there'll be much change here for a week or so.  Boris will be back to work tomorrow, so we'll see then:  I imagine his own bout of serious Covid-19 illness will influence his viewpoint somewhat.

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