By Missycat

Day 36 A faceless selfie

It may not look like much but I did impress myself by taking this with my phone, which involved lining it and myself up, getting thumb on the button at the ready, then turning away before taking the pic.  Surprisingly I got a couple that were OK, but this is the most 'faceless'.  Of course I've given the image a thorough editing in Silver Efex Pro  before unleashing it here.
Today is the last of the current warm dry spell with rain promised in the early hours of tomorrow morning, much needed by the garden but I won't enjoy being confined to the house as we enter week 6 of this lockdown.
Mr MC did his weekly supermarket shop and was surprised and pleased to find a nearly empty car park and no queue to get in.  He was able to buy the majority of what we wanted and the store was quite empty, although he noticed that some staff and shoppers still have difficulty with the concept of social distancing. 
In other news: Boris is now back to work and spoke to the nation this morning in a vaguely Churchillian manner, the essence of which seemed to be that the lockdown won't be ending yet as we are at the point of maximum risk.  No real information about the strategy to return to what will become the new 'normal', although I've heard a rumour that recycle centres might be reopening soon.  Yay!!

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