Day 37 A tiny toy

This week's theme for TT (a tiny thing found in your junk drawer, set by MaryElizaR) was quite easy in that I have two these: one in the kitchen and a larger one in the utility room.  In the end though, I found this little pink beast in what is supposed to be the dining room cutlery drawer but has started to collect all sorts of strange odds and ends.  I really can't remember where we acquired this little guy.  I think he may have been bought with Violet in mind but no idea how he ended up where he did.
No chance of going outside today as the promised rain arrived and stayed all day.  The garden does look lush and green though.  In extras, one of a pair of blackbirds running across the lawn seeking food, shot taken through the dining room window.  You can see the rain and just how wet he is.

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