Tiny Tuesday - Junk

I’m afraid I have cleaned out all my junk drawers over the past month, its never happened before!! :o)

Took Toto for a walk around the block after work.  There was a freezing wind and of course he wanted to stop at every post and pole brrrrr!!  As I was waiting for him at a big wooden power pole I could hear something tinkling in the wind and looked up and there were these tiny pieces of very thin metal nailed onto the pole and this one was number 3!  

They must be part of the arcane codes of the keepers of the poles whose meaning is totally unknown to us normal people. Of course somebodies junk is always somebody elses treasure and this exquisite rust pattern won my heart!! :o)

Thanks to MaryElizaR for a fun month of challenges for Tiny Tuesday! :o)

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