By hazelh

Blossom dusting

The blossom was falling from this tree like snow when I passed it on my walk along Princes Street this morning. It looks like a dusting of snow where it has landed on the benches and pavement.

Most of today I have been working on a blog entry to reflect on my experiences (so far) of coronavirus captivity. I plan to post this online later in the week. I will share the link when I do.

Today I also prepared for a Zoom meeting with colleagues in the US, Canada and Australia scheduled for 22:00-23:00 UK time tonight. I usually go to bed at about 21:00. By 20:30 this evening I knew that I it would be very difficult for me to stay awake another two and a half hours, let alone speak sensibly on international strategy development when so tired, so I sent my apologies to the meeting along with my written feedback on version 7 of the document.

Exercise today: walking (12,490 steps).

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