Mette's toilet roll wedding gown

I passed Mette Baillie's showroom on my morning walk today. Her dress shop may be closed, but passers-by will be amused by her window display of a toilet roll wedding gown. On the wee notice in the window Mette has explained that she is busy making masks during lockdown.

Home again, I made a shopping list for my hunter-gatherer husband. I unpacked everything from the shopping trolley and bags when he returned home laden with groceries from the supermarket.

This afternoon I submitted the paper that was due today for the October 2020 conference in Pittsburgh. It's not in too bad a shape given that I only started it on Thursday. I also took another look at the other paper that Peter and I have been revising to address reviewer comments for this Thursday's deadline. This second paper is for the September 2020 conference, which has gone virtual (and so is no longer taking place in Pretoria).

On the hour since 08:30 I have been photographing our back garden. This is to make a record of the sunlight as it falls across the lawn and flower beds over the course of the day.

Exercise today: walking (16,259 steps); sit-ups, weights, and stretches.

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