By hazelh

Scrabble in the sunshine

Our new Scrabble dictionary arrived at lunchtime so Mr hazelh and I put it to good use in our (shared) garden this afternoon. I won today's game. That means that the winners, plus the winning scores, of the Lockdown series are currently as follows:

Game 1: Mr hazelh 391
Game 2: ditto 350
Game 3: ditto 377
Game 4: ditto 424
Game 5: ditto 440
Game 6: ditto 373
Game 7: hazelh 400
Game 8: ditto 361
Game 9: ditto 358
Game 10: ditto 328
Game 11: Mr hazelh 493
Game 12: hazelh 405

Otherwise it has been a day of cooking and feeling a degree of relief as our (own) garden undergoes a much needed 'haircut'.

Exercise today: none.

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