Bluebells beneath the beech tree

We caught an early train to Newcastle, then the bus west, to arrive at my mother's house at 10:30.

At our destination I was delighted to find two lovely surprises: a recently rediscovered unopened Christmas present for me (it was under some papers on the piano), and a box of Exploding kittens (a fun card game).

The present had been lost in a similar way to Cousin Edwina's wedding present to Cousin Frank. It was a bottle of Rubis wine for me from my not-so-little sister. She bought it because she thought that I would like it. She had no idea that I love this drink, and that I have hunted high and low for it in Edinburgh. My sister, Mr hazelh and I played Exploding kittens together this afternoon.

This evening my sister returned home to Newcastle, and then Mummy hazelh, Mr hazelh and I set off to Haltwhistle for a night out with other fans of the Haltwhistle Walking Festival. There we saw WalkingMarj, celebrated Maureen's birthday, feasted on a hog roast, and competed in a walking-themed trivia quiz. It was a lovely occasion and we all enjoyed ourselves very much, especially Mummy hazelh.

Cold news: finally beginning to feel more human.

I blipped the bluebells under the huge beech tree in my mother's garden.

Exercise today: just a little walking (8906 steps).

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