Wide Wednesday - Tree

This lovely palm tree always catches my eye. There’s usually so much traffic that Ive never caught a shot of it from this side of the road without a car or a bus getting in the way!  Today there was nothing for quite a few minutes, bingo!! Its the rather swanky drive through for KFC and there is no signage which Ive never really realised before!!

In extras is a shot of the favourite Ibis tree on the island of the local lake which is filling up fast as they all choose their nesting spots. There has been quite a bit of honking and clucking and a few squawks too as they fight over territorial rights!  This particular paperbark tree has only just started to recover from last years season as they strip all the bark to make the nests!

Big thanks to RockArea for hosting WW! :o)

I’m fading fast folks and must go to bed, catch up tomorrow night! ;o)x

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