Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

1965. More flowers on my walk...

Another walk this morning after spending an hour talking to my sister in Australia on FaceTime and hearing all of her news.  They haven’t had nearly as many cases or deaths in Australia and although they have been staying indoors mainly they seem to have done well containing the spread of the virus.  
I spotted these tulips across the main road so went out of my way slightly to get a photo.  Hubby and I walked around our local area and found a walk we had never done before.  We met a few people along the way, all acknowledged us and all kept their distance, the dogs not so much!  I also came across a wee chair parked outside someone’s back garden and on it was a little box full of books with a notice on it saying, “Please help yourself” I did...I picked up a Minecraft guide for my grandson, brought it home and gave it a good clean up with disinfectant wipes.  I will save it until we get the chance to see him again...hopefully soon.
I also got a call about volunteering this morning so I am now waiting to be contacted again to help them deliver handy guides to my local community.

It’s been another quiet day and I only went out for exercise, I’m still trying to hit 10,000 steps if I can and I’m getting pretty close, averaging about 9500 a day last week.

The spinning plate I was concerned about seems to be doing better but isn’t interacting much so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all is well, being at work definitely helps them but shift work can make things more challenging to keep to a decent routine.

My step daughter is doing very much better and although there are still challenges for her and being in lockdown isn’t helping at all.  Hopefully there will be some changes soon to allow us to reconnect with family.

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