Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS


Tuesday was spent mostly in front of the computer. It was a day when I managed to complete a good clean-out of my email Inbox, or to be more accurate from a good number of sub-folders into which emails from stores, holiday companies, etc had been filtered. Thankfully, I didn't come across anything important that had been filtered away out of sight.

It was a late-ish walk, then, about 6.30pm and for that reason a short one. It was also a grey, drizzly evening, so I just headed onto the fields above and near to where I live.

I took this photo near the highest point and before the fields slope down towards the M80 Motorway. Looking east (with the motorway off to my left about a quarter of a mile away) I could see the chimney stack from the now-decommissioned Longannet Power Station.

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