All in White

Took the scenic route to the postbox taking pictures of all the white flowers en-route
L-R from the top 
Unknown daisy type flower. Knottman2 says its a stichwort. Could be greater or lesser. 
Wild Strawberry, but Penally1 says its Barren Strawberry, shame
Jack by the Hedge
Centre- Wild Garlic or Ramsons
Cow Parsley? - Penally1 suggests this might be Sweet Cicely, and it is
Cherry Blossom
White Bluebell of English variety

Came back with a small bag of wild garlic and made some pesto. Picked enough to make a wild garlic and onion flan tomorrow.

Day 41 
Death figures now include care homes 765 deaths up to 26,097. A graph of deaths per head of the population was shown which puts things in perspective. It shows we are in line with France, Italy and Spain and Belgium has had a worse time. Still too many deaths for any relaxation. 

Today Cumbria Police reported the following:-
11:30hrs-driver stopped & turned round with words of advice midway Manchester-Kilmarnock to buy a car.
12:30hrs-same driver stopped in the same location only this time reported and escorted out of county. Not necessary even if the dealer says its OK

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