Stuck in a timewarp

Spoilt by the recent spell of good weather, today's grey sky, low temperature, wind and rain came as a bit of a shock! MrM and I both opted to use the exercise bike rather than get out for a walk, so you have another Blip from the 'yard. Candytuft, flowering for the first time, though it's been in a container in the 'yard for the last four years.

Had an interesting conversation recently about our perception of time during lockdown. How most days seem to last forever, but the 5 weeks of lockdown seem to have passed in a flash. Today, an interesting article in the Guardian explains why perception of time alters and how this may affect our memories. Though Blippers shouldn't have too much trouble remembering what we did during lockdown!

At the start, I had such good intentions of getting all sorts of things done - and believe me, there are lots of things in the flat that need doing! In reality, I've done very little at all, and it's becoming a real source of frustration. Must attempt to do something about it...

Lockdown, day 37

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