Lots of post arrived this morning after a few days of nothing.  However my repeat prescription was not delivered.  Earlier this month the pharmacy where I usually pick up my prescriptions e mailed asking if I wanted to get my prescriptions directly from them.  I would let them know what I needed, they would get my doctors authority and then the tablets would be sent to me through the post.  Sounded good - so I signed up.  On 13th April I put in my order.  A couple of days later I received one of my medications.  Still needed another 5.  I have had a few e mails concerning the other 5.  Some say they have seen sent.  Some say they have not been sent but are getting priority attention and will be sent soon. I ran out of two of the tablets on Monday.  Luckily they aren't the important ones ( for blood pressure ) but I do still need them.  I bought  one pack over the counter today costing £4. ( the other is a painkiller I can do without for a few days ).  I get my prescriptions for free so it was annoying to have to pay. The companys explanation is that they " are trying to cope with an unprecedented demand " but maybe they should have predicted that and not " touted " for extra business which they obviously can't cope with.  Rant over .... next time I need a repeat prescription I will go back to the way I used to do it.

I did some shopping in Tesco and Herons this afternoon.  No queues at either and hardly anyone in the shops.  And I got everything I wanted. 

Usual clapping at 8pm for the NHS - and Captain Tom. ( now an honorary Colonel ) Lots of noise this week - pan banging as well as clapping.  Good to see my neighbour Alan on his doorstep fully recovered after his sojourn in the attic. 

The Abstract Thursday challenge today is ANGLES.  So as I walked to the village I looked out for a suitable shot.  I decided on The Glebe Club. Its the clubhouse for our local cricket and football teams and has a bar and lounge area as well as an outdoor BBQ area.  Closed for the duration of course. I processed my shot in Picasa and thought I would colour it blue and white in honour of our wonderful N.H.S.  Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting.

Musical link -  Of Angels and ANGLES - by The Decemberists

This evening I decided to see if there were any online delivery slots --- with any supermarket.  I have had no luck at all so far this week.  Finally tried Iceland ( my last choice as they don't have as large a range as other shops and its mostly frozen which I don't need ).  Anyway I got a slot - for Sunday afternoon.  And I did a good shop.  Got lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh chicken, pork chops and mince,  as well as a few 2 litre bottles of diet cola and a big box of cat food which are heavy for me to carry from the village.

Steps today - 7.917


 CORONA CLASSIC - Beethoven - Für Elise

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