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By keibr

Walks, Bread, and Garden fires

Today Rose, Jan and I were out walking around Klubbsjön, (Klubb lake) near Smitingen beach. It looks so warm in the pictures, and we did sit in the sun and chat for 45 minutes, but we were wearing thick jumpers and jackets! There were many fowl squabbling on the lake, establishing their territories I guess, though one particular duck was taking a rest among the reflections at the time I took the linked picture.
There is a short detour from the path round the lake, that leads to the sea, just 150m away and 1m lower. Climbing up over some huge boulders gives you this view of the  Baltic.
When we got home this evening and checked the weather we saw that tomorrow this blue sky is going to turn grey and we are getting 24 hours of rain! So, out into the garden to light a fire and burn the heaps of dry (just now) vegetation we have raked up over the last few days. We fed the fire, did other minor garden chores, and sat around watching the fire burn as darkness slowly fell.  It was a very suitable day to do this as it is Walpurgis Eve and normally there are big public fires and fireworks to mark the occasion, but in these troubled times all that is restricted.  Our little fire felt like an attempt to impose normality!
Other news - I've been baking sourdough again (extra). It worked really well and one loaf went to Rose's with us and was left there while the other loaf will be eaten over the next few days. Unusually I followed a recipe - Food Geek's "Sourdough Bread for Beginners". It was very successful and I shall be using it again, even if I'm not a beginner!

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