Flying over rural Wirdum

I've met all my deadlines (yes yes yes) and therefore I treated myself with some drone flying in the evening.

About an hour before sunset (around 20.00 hours) I parked my car near Wirdum, as small village about 7 km from my home. Peter also came, with his own car and we kept a safe distance of course. It was nice to be out there again. I haven't photographed in the field for a while, because of work and my back problems. (My back is getting much better by the way.)

The light was great and I took my drone out to get some airmiles.
I searched for a nice composition and captured away. Great!

Later when the sun sank behind some huge clouds I switched to my DSLR. Unfortunately the light didn't come back anymore. But I didn't care so much, I knew I had something nice on the drone's SD card already.

A bit after 21.00 hours the light was totally gone and we went home again. 

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