By tondrijfhamer


Today is my birthday.
My 50th. Hmm...enough about that.

Earlier this year we had plans to go to Ameland this week and celebrate it there with my whole family. Of course, all those plans went into the bin a few weeks ago when the virus arrived.
We'll save that for the future!!

Because of the lockdown we had no guests of course. That is...almost none, not as much as usual.

Joke and Peter came by in the morning and we sat together in the garden (keeping a safe distance) despite the cold and a tiny bit of drizzle. Hot coffee and pastry made us forget about that.
My parents called me in the morning to congratulate me on my 50th, and they were sorry they couldn't come over. What they didn't know was that I had plans to go visit them instead. So there I was around 14.30 at their front door with pastry for the three of us. For a moment I saw my mother getting a bit emotional when she opened the door, but that was replaced in a split second with a big smile. It made my day.

Then when I was home again around 16.30, my parents in law came over and again we sat in the garden in our winter coats with another hot coffee (and again a bit of drizzle).

When they had left, we got a take away dinner from the local Grand Café "Het Lokaal" (one of my clients) and we enjoyed a huge pork sanderloin satay with fries.

Normally  we would have more friends and family over during the day and evening, but for all of those who can't come I now have a voucher. :)
Want one? 

By now it's almost 20.00 hours and I'm in doubt whether to do a bit of work or not and park it all until tomorrow... I think I'll opt for that last one.
Much to do tomorrow, it'll be the final day of April and I still have some deadlines to catch! 
Well, nothing better than a productive kick off of the second half of my century!

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