By tondrijfhamer


Yesterday I came home after 3 days Ameland, and today I'm leaving again for 5 days Frisia. Together with Annemarie, Bas and Daan, we're going to a very small village in Frisia, called Tzummarum. We're actually staying in an even smaller hamlet near Tzummarum, called Koehool.
The house is great though! Very luxurious too.
It's located right near the dike and to get there we had to stop a few times to drive away sheep that were blocking the road. Bas and Daan had great fun doing that.

In the morning I had an appointment at work first, and Bas had an appointment at his hand therapist as well. At 14.00 we were finally packed and ready to go. When we were on the A7 my car suddenly gave a warning about my right rear tire. I stopped at a gas station and filled it again with air. Problem solved.

Did I mention it's my birthday too? 
To celebrate we went to a pizzeria in Harlingen for a nice and delicious dinner.

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