... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Norbury Hall Park: Attention To De Tail

More focussed in large.
Extras: Zoom
Parakeets: Scratching, Posing, Squawking, Eating for two?, Male feeding female

Im and I went to Norbury Hall Park for our early afternoon amble. It got very dark and started pouring almost as soon as we arrived, so we sheltered under the vast cedar with this sweet squizzer... When the rain stopped, the sun emerged and the park was very quiet indeed which was nice.
We saw the nesting parakeets doing their thing again: the female was out of the nesting hole and grooming, while the male gorged on buds, then he returned to their twisty tree to regurgitate and feed her... Interesting to watch.

Others here (or right from The sweet squizzer)

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