By mollyblobs

The Rainbow Bridge

Not the easiest of days in lockdown. Jasmine, one of our three elderly cats, didn't get up for her breakfast this morning,  staying fast asleep inside an empty potato sack that she'd recently chosen as her preferred bed. We'd noticed that her stomach had appeared to be a bit swollen last weekend, but until yesterday her appetite had been good, all her vital functions seemed to be normal and she was enjoying life, sleeping in the sun and purring when she was stroked or tickled. However, things were clearly different today, and we quickly realised that her time had come and there was no point taking her to the vet as this would just have caused her more distress. She slipped into a coma and died just before this beautiful double rainbow appeared in the sky. If you look carefully you can almost see a ghostly face in the clouds. Farewell Jasmine, our sassy, opinionated boss-cat - we will all miss you... 

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