Light and Shade

I don’t believe you can have too much clematis in a small garden such as mine, l think at a quick estimate l have at least fifteen.
I know this one is a Montana Alba but can’t remember it’s exact name, l particularly like it because of its near emerald foliage.

After a reasonable night, Rebecca and l had a slight concern about Mr P and l decided to ring Goldline : a one point contact that can get in touch with all agencies l am working with to get advice from the nurse who answers the phone. She said she would send out a district nurse straight away and l had hardly finished the call when there was a ring of the doorbell and two specialist nurses were on my doorstep.
It was just a coincidence that they were doing their routine daily visit so they cancelled the one l had just made. 
They amended the drugs and did personal care and were quite happy with Mr P who now communicates by raising his eyebrows so l know he can hear me.
After breakfast Rebecca went home and l sat with Mr P and played a variety of our favourite music. It was a lovely peaceful time and l enjoyed talking to him and watching the occasional raised eyebrow.

This afternoon Tim , Adele and Ben came to visit, Freddy choosing to stay at home.
We managed the social isolating by going out into the garden and we sat and talked at a distance while they took turns to see Mr P.
So enjoyed seeing them.
Now sat with Mr P before Rebecca returns to help me until the Marie Curie nurse comes at 10pm to night sit while l sleep upstairs and allow Rebecca to go home.
Four months ago A was my first Marie Curie nurse and she explained a lot to me about what to expect and was full of practical tips on how to care for Mr P. 
It seems fitting she will be back at this stage too as l’m sure she will give me lots of new advice. 
Her love and care are second to none.

Thank you so much for the stars and hearts x

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