Life through the lens...

By ValC

In search of bluebells.

Decided on a different walk today.
One I have avoided before because of narrow paths between two walls, however I remembered there was an alternative way, so off we went in search of wild bluebells.
It worked out OK. Only met a few families, but managed to keep our distance.
Only trouble was the three stiles where we had to hold onto the supports. ( made sure we thoroughly washed our hands when we got home)

Unfortunately the hill side which was full of bluebells when I was a child, was completely bare. ( see extra)
Mr C said he thought it was because of soil erosion caused by water coming down the hillside from the fields above.
A bit of a disappointment, but still a nice walk which we will do again.

So back to the bluebells you can see here,
Not wild, but the cultivated Spanish variety, and we can see these just by looking out of the lounge windows.
Also wild garlic. This part of our neighbour’s garden always looks beautiful in Spring, starting with snowdrops.
So lucky to have this view, especially appreciated at the moment.

Quite warm today, with sunny intervals.
Have just ordered more bird food as the last lot is almost done. Unfortunately the starlings seem to have multiplied and the fat balls are only lasting a day.

We watched a very good programme this morning on BBC 2.
Usually on Scottish TV called “ Landward” .
A bit like a Scottish version of Countryfile, but in our opinion much better. More down to earth.
Just like their version of Gardener’ s World, Beechgrove, which actually follows on at 9.30am.
(Please take note BBC England.)

Hope you are enjoying the weekend.
Take care, stay safe, and keep smiling.

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