Keith B

By keibr

Lichen Garden

All the rain and the slightly higher temperatures have led to our smallest garden blooming. I use the word "garden" but in ´reality these lichen sit on a boulder and live their own lives. Our only activity is to do nothing and leave it to nature. 
I was fascinated by the movement in this picture, particularly because there was no movement. Any apparent movement is just down to focus and depth-of-field.  If you want a more natural picture take a look at HarlingDarling's extra today, which shows the lichen and our house.
These lichen are really small. The brown "sticks" are pine needles to give you a sense of scale. Some of the lichen have a ring of red dots around their cup, and even when I'd seen this on the picture I couldn't see it irl!
In the extra you can see two Great Spotted Woodpeckers on our feeder. That's unusual because they seem very territorial birds but I suspect there's a male and female here.

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