Rescued Casualties

Had a really enjoyable and productive day - mostly gardening. Post today included a greetings card from a friend just because! "Friends are like stars, even when you can't see them, they're still there," she wrote. Wasn't that lovely!

In the morning, although it was grey and uninviting, Mr PP went for a walk, while I decided to stay at home and do some solo line-dancing as my exercise. Clocked up 33 'active minutes' on my fitbit. Did various little jobs around the house and then, as the weather picked up, I decided to garden. Some hours later, my fitbit vibrated to tell me I'd hit 10,000 steps and by the time I came in (having filled the garden waste bin and trodden it down twice, and then filled it again) I'd apparently achieved 81 active minutes and well over 11,000 steps. Even more than when I go for a long walk. And all this on a day that I'd thought would be a lazy day. (Perhaps that will be carried forward to tomorrow, as the forecast isn't too good, and the wind is already getting up.)

These camellias were casualties of pruning (after I'd thoroughly checked and satisfied myself that no birds were nesting in the branches). There are still lots of flowers and buds on the bush.

Now I just need to avoid falling asleep in front of the telly and save my sleepiness for (I hope) a good night's sleep.

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